This is a prototype, a working draft, a public beta, of a web-based remote map generator for Reason.

It is some what limited at the moment but should be reasonably easy to use, with a three-step process.

  1. Select Controller, here you select the manufacturer then the model of your MIDI control surface. This list may grow over time but is initially based on the controllers that have remote maps shipped with Reason.
  2. Select Device, here you select device category, the developer, and then the device. This list covers most of the Reason stock devices and third party rack extensions. Again this may grow over time.
  3. Create Map, here you select a control item and remote item and click Add. The mapped items are listed as you add them. You can remove or edit mapped items and, where a control has key, scale or display modes, you can set the key, scale and display mode value. Where a control item has output value options, you can choose to set an absolute output value in place of a remote item.

As you add each control and remote item, they are removed from the dropdown selection, so that you don't map the same control or remote item, more than once. An icon indicator, is shown for both input and output, to help assist your mapping choices.

In addition in step 3, there are two automatic mapping features: Auto Map and Random Map, these both automatically map control items to remote items, in order or randomly. There is a Clear Map option to restart the mapping process and a Quick Step feature.

The Quick Step feature, lists all control items both mapped and unmapped, together with all unmapped remote items. One unmapped control item is selected and a click of a remote item will add it to the map and move the selected control item to the next unmapped control item. You can optionally select a different unmapped control item before clicking a remote item and when you're finished, click Done, to go back to the first map view.

As well as the above, there are two filters. A control item filter, by a list of pre-defined groups, for the selected controller surface and a text filter for remote items. The text filter can be based on contains, starts or ends. The text filter is not case sensitive. Both filters work in both the default map view and the quick step view.

When you are done, click the save, to download the device map text file. You can then copy/paste this into your remote map file for Reason.

Remote Map Groups

This app, now supports the remote map groups including the prenamed keyboard shortcut variation group. This group can have up to ten group values, that you name and can be switched by your computer keyboard.

You can create as many MIDI groups as you need and you can generate mappings for all control items in each group or combinations of groups.

Use the groups dropdown menu to create, edit and select groups you want to map. You can also set a group selection by a control item using the remote option dropdown.

You can switch group selection in either the standard map view or the quick step view.

You can quickly make group selection button mappings by first selecting the control from the dropdown and then going to the groups menu and selecting the Auto Map Groups option.

The Auto Map Groups dialogue, lets you choose which group you want to switch, the direction and if it should cycle round or not. Clicking the Auto Map button in this dialogue, will add the mappings and return you back to the map view.


At the moment, this web app only exports the device map created and there are no options to upload remote info files or existing remote maps.

I am working on further developing this app but it is currently being done in my free time. Next I hope to produce a video tutorial showing how to use this web app.

Get started

Step 1 - Select Controller


If you like this app and would like to get in touch, you can Contact me or make a small donation via PayPal.me.

Feel free to use this trial app, create simple maps for your rack extensions and see how it can help your workflow.